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We are creative design agency focused on full implementation services of all sizes


Logicsoft offers services to streamline IT strategy creating, information security assurance and system...

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• Annual Maintenance • On-site Maintenance • Preventive Maintenance

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Enterprise IT landscapes can quickly become complex and difficult to manage during this...

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• Passive Network Designing • CCTV Designing • Preparation of RFQ

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Logicsoft’s Infrastructure services are designed to resolve and meet these requirements of global...

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• Desktop Repair • Laptop Repair • Data Recovery • OS Issues •...

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• Network Infrastructure Security • Application Security • Access Control • Check Points...

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Software licenses typically provide finish users with the correct to one or additional...

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Susan Wood Accountant @ Webkit Solutions

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Ronald Miller CEO @ Facebook Themes

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Andrea Adams Developer @ Worldlink IT

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Fred Harris Manager @ Microtech Infosys

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